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Limited Time -Limited Numbers

Here is an ever better offer
I'll send my info with
No Money Up Front

If you are one of the first 2 people who email me each day
AND IF YOU Agree to send me whatever YOU think
the info was worth to YOU
within 2 weeks AFTER you see it is working

include the site you found the notice of this offer on - your zip code and the statement saying
"I agree to send you money after I find this is working"
In the body of the text

You MUST include THE EXACT PHRASE ( "I agree to send you money after I find this is working" ) IN THE BODY OF YOUR email
and ONLY your zip code to check on the availability OR the info will be NOT be sent to you
You will get a response within Hours
Telling you if you were one of the first five
and IF the Info is still available in your State

I change the start time for accepting emails
each day so as not to give anyone an advantage
Why do I need your zip code ? -
We are selling ONLY 20 per State
we check you zip code against the States that are sold out
IF it is sold out or there are fewer than 3 available
BUT YOU CAN still buy the info
with a 30 day money back guarantee and PayPal protection as outlined there


My PayPal address to send your payment to is
use the 'send money' option

So where is the Scheme ?
There is none

To see if you can get it with No Up Front Money


We DO NOT sell email addresses NOR do we diseminate any info

The Bank promo has been running for over 2 years
I have no control over the promotion and am not responsible for the Banks decisions so act now