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This is the Payment Button page
PayPal OR Google Check Out
You need not join Pay Pal to use it
You can pay with your credit / debit card

You may have just came from Our main Discount Offer Page Page HERE

Use these PayPal / Google Check Out Buttons
to pay for the Info to "Get Money From a bank while paying less than 1940 prices for gas and groceries"

We offer a 65% Discounted Price to Everyone of $13.99
But the Honor Sytem Military / Veterans / Families Discount of 75% = $9.99
requires no proof of service as we feel no one would claim
to have been in the service just to beat us out a few bucks

There are other Offers found below
To Supprt Our Troops

Your Total will depend on
the option you choose from the drop down menu
as low as $9.99
30 day Money Back Guarantee as per the website
Pay Pal / Google Check Out Protected




The button below is For Google Check Out Options
For either Military or Non Military Payments by email or Snail Mail
use the drop down menu to choose the
payment you wish


For More ways to Support out troops
The items seen HERE
are also my inventions

Send these to any soldiers