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We send out NO SPAM

We never send Unsolicited emails

If you received an email from us
it was because YOU EMAILED US with an inquiry from the website
or an online ad / Or Bought one of our items and received a purchase confirmation

The email was either an autoresponder response to an email FROM YOU
or a response to an inquiry FROM YOU

Our privacy policy is simple

We ask for ONLY YOUR zip code ( not your name or address )
to verify that the Limited Time / Limited Quantity information
you are interested in buying is still available in your area

Since we Sell Only 20 per state
We check the zip code against the state
You will get an email either verifying the availability
or telling you the item is no longer available

We DO NOT sell or diseminate ANY information you provide us

That includes Email addresses

Our offer is 100% legal
If you have any doubts about our intentions Please contact us

To summarize:
WE never send ANY unsolicited emails without you first contacting us, and we NEVER ASK for any info other than your zip code
to verify availability of this Limited Number Offer in your area

If you receive an unsolicited email asking for anything more than
your Zip code please report it.

I would not put my name on NOR risk jeopardising my, PayPal, Ebay, Google Check-Out, MSN Sales, Yahoo Sales, Amazon accounts,
& my online reputation
on anything that was illegal OR did not work

216 759 6345 Ask For Bill Tomsick