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Get $1250.00 from a MAJOR bank
while paying LESS than 1940 prices for gas - groceries & other purchases


On this page you will find what those who have my Offer say as well as their contact info

Some have direct e-mail links *
most are links to their YouTube Profile

If the ID of the the commentor is highlighted click on itto be taken to
an email link and
contact them

Ask these people what they think of my method

I do not fear their answers
you can contact them yourself

Also found on this page are links to the interviews I did
a link to my award winning story
on why I have the need to help others ( see the Mickey Mantle Link )
and a link to our Military Families and Veterans Discount Page

But this page offers mostly comments from
the people who already have bought
my Money Saving instructions
I can't do much more to prove this is on the level
short of disclosing the info

You will get up to $1250.00 from the bank per household !!!!
While paying unbelievable low prices for gas and groceries

Not Gift Cards / Coupons
Just Good Ol' American Ingenuity

After reading this page and the links -- it's up to you
To make a decision
to SAVE money -- or -- NOT to Save


My main page is at
This Link HERE


View this montage created at One True Media
Bill's Interview
with JB Cloud KBCY on 99.7

For More background on me
and to see more Interviews I have done regarding helping others
One in which I am presented a "Great American Award
By Mike Jerrick
The Present host of CBS Morning Show
Go To this link HERE


Don't forget I also offer a Military Discount
to Vets, Active duty their wives and their immediate Families

So Where is the Scheme ???? There is None
It's in the imagination AND delusions of damaged people - How sad


Money Back Guarantee & PayPal and Google Check Out Buyer Protection


Now what others say about the
"Get $1250.00 while Paying 1940's Prices for Gas and Groceries" info
Then ACT After reading this page


Here are just a few


After a li'l trouble in my daily routine and trying to get everything settled
I bought this and finally
got a chance to use the info and yes people THIS WORKS!
No kiddin! Gas here in VA went
up because of TS Fay it jumped up to 5.25 a gallon near my
house at a BP. I run a Subaru WRX and having premium isn't
the best to get for the prices now but
With Bill's method I NOW pay less than
1940 prices just as Bill claimed
WOOOOHOOOO ! time to play on
some mountain roads! THIS WORKS PEOPLE!!!!
AND I got the BONUS $50.00 already too
The instructions are long but A thousand time worth the time it takes to follow them
Thanks William


Wow Bill, this must be fate.
Just stumbled across your site, will spread the word for sure.
I'm 18 and moving to Hawaii in 2 weeks to start a farm
and this really helps. I Will pay it forward:)

Best Regards,
Keenan McCrary


Trenton Bill this is great, I didn't think it would be,
but for the $10.00 I paid with your military and veterans discount
it was worth the chance
Now I can tell my wife to be quiet
about my being on the computer so much
she sees now that sometimes it is possible to find something
which shoot holes in that old saying
"if something sounds to good to be true it usually is not true"
every claim you made was right on
Thanks again -
( I've saved over $900.00 already )
God Bless you
God Bless America -
T. P. in Oklahoma


Ken Cooper Kansas City MO.
Dear Will,
I saw the comments on your You Tube video and I, like you, cannot believe how many idiots talk or write just
to hear their own voices or post irrelevant opinions.
I wanted to post a comment for you on the site
and contact those morons to see if they had even bothered to contact you about your offer
but it requires an account and I do not have ONE for YouTube.
I have had far too many problems with my PC getting infected with spyware or viruses regardless of how much protection
software I buy so I do not join such sites.

I would be very pleased if you could post my words or this entire e-mail if you can from your profile and include my full name if you like.

I think your method is quite clever and definitely will work.
You are a man of your word and that is very refreshing these days when there are so many people
that just try to screw other folks over for whatever twisted pleasure they get from that.
I truly appreciate your honesty AND your imagination!

Thanks again. Positive thoughts.

Ken Cooper in Kansas City


This really did sound too good to be true
BUT Bill has made that saying fall apart
I read his background
and the story about his recovery from a spinal injury
is just amazing and inspiring based on that I
trusted him and have saved over $250.00 in just
the first few weeks on Gas and Groceries
at this rate I'll get my money from the bank in no time
the info is bit long but I took my time and got through it all with no problem
Thanx Bill
Bruen - Florida


Like most people I am sure, I was skeptical about this
but I decided 2 give it a try. This is NOT a scheme and it will work!
The info that he sent was well worth the $40.00 that I spent.


Bill, why worry about what the deadbeats and trolls on YouTube say?
What you are selling is valid information and it works.
None of them have seen it
I bought your info and confirm, it is still working after 7 months.
One thing I would like to add is that the process isn't limited
to gasoline or gasoline station purchases.
so Bill, if I were you I wouldn't bother to respond
to those making negative comments
let them stew in their own sad worlds
while we go on saving money,
the laugh is on them
Thanks for the info



Ok I was skeptical but I purchased it..I actually paid $39.98 for this on Ioffer
...but you know what...Its can get gas and
your groceries very cheap..This info is worth more than $39.98 ..Thanks Bill


Bill knows what he is doing.
He does this himself,
and it is a great method.
Fortunately, for lazy, dumb people, it actually requires few brain cells
Those who apply this per Bill's instructions will reap the benefits!!
Thanks for your program Bill!


THANK YOU! I received this information I have to say IT WORKS,
YOU ARE A GENIUS! This is NOT a scam!


Thanks for the info, Bill. I received it just fine,
have checked it out and couldn't believe my eyes.
This works and I applaud you for helping enlighten
the American public against the onslaught of high gas prices,
an inflated dollar, and unscrupulous politicians.
Any edge gained is more than welcome. God Bless!
Dave L.
Dave Leresche


jussilly19 :
really Bill, your awesome, i cant believe how great this guy is
.. he's honest and straightfoward..
this IS NOT A ploy to get your money ....Bill is just a real person, doing something good


I did get your email with the instructions, and it will work. In the video you
referred to it as "creative shopping" and I think that's a pretty accurate description.
I'm living paycheck to paycheck and I will give it a go
Best of luck getting the word out !!


After i left my post i paid for it as i
said i was going to, then checked back and didn't see my post, figured youtube had filtered it out
because of the use of the name of my Saviour Footeze226 emailed me (not knowing it was me)
the information and it does work as he described, he is an honest man,
so he has earned my respect.


Ran the idea by my accountant...
since it's tax time and he told me such programs do exist and this will in fact work.
I can say that it works.
Thanks, people appreciate this info.


This is real........ This is a Bargain and this man deserves the few bucks he charges for the info. :}


This guy is totally on the level! It works.


I have received Info and looked it over.
What you get is info on how to get gas considerably cheap.
The system will work. I have found the info very help full.
This is not a scamm. If you receive this information,
you will know how to get gas cheap. Thanks!


Hi, Bill. Thanks for the email. After carefully reading your instructions, it can work.
We are all in such a rush, do we have time to save
where it's needed. I give you thumbs up on this unique idea.
Your instructions are very clear
It's a great way to save money on gas. Thanks for the information,
you did an awesome job in creating this unique program.


Thank you for the information provided to me.
After looking over the idea, and all of the information of it, THIS WILL WORK.
I plead that people look into this and discover that it is on the level, and actually,
just a good ol' fashioned loophole.
Bill has restored some faith I have in the online community as far as trust goes.


I bought the info, it WILL work but circumstances and my location prevent me from using it
Bill refunded my TOTAL amount immediately did not keep the prep charge
- he refunded that too!!!He did not have to -- THIS WILL WORK!


I actually receieved Bills info from the website for $34.98, I will not tell you what his system is,
I sent him a message
stating since I was starting a new family and money was tight
I really wanted to give this a try
Bill sent me a 100% refund and a note:
-- "Buy something nice for the baby",
He also told me to use the program and pay him after I get more settled,
He's not a joke and is an honest man.. This info will work...... thank you footeze226

And finally from someone who got this info with no upfront money
and does not want his email address on the a web site
But agreed that I could give his name and address out if asked
I think this is a pretty strong endorsement:
"I understand how this method works,
and I'm glad you've been kind enough to put it out
there for everyone.

I am in college and don't have a lot of money
I graduate in a month
you can expect a payment from me shortly thereafter

I'm happy to know there are people in this world Like Mr T who aren't bunco artists.
Bill, you have single handedly renewed some of my faith in the online community."



Another way to show this offer and info is on the level is:
it is offered on some
eBay Charities Auctions
My selling record is 100%
I would not jeopardize my online reputation by offering something that did NOT work or was Illegal
100% of the final value goes automatically and directly
to the cause designated - there are usually two different auctions running
One for the 102nd Air Borne and One for
Texas Equusearch
a volunteer search and rescue operation
which is now searching for a 3 year old girl in Orlando Florida

If you want your money to go to
a different charity I can arrange that too

The seller ( me ) never sees the money

You should know eBay and ESPECIALLY their Charity Affiliate ( Mission Fish ) do NOT ALLOW
Item that are questionable
They check out ALL the items
So add that to what those who have the info say and the interview I did
and it should be enough Proof
for ANY prudent person
If you choose to go through Ebay -- Bid high and Often
The price on eBay varies plus $6.99 handling and prep to cover listing fees


The Award Winning story
on why I have the need to help others

Mickey Mantle Plays a Part


Again: my radio interview with JB Cloud
View this montage created at One True Media
Bill's Interview
with JB Cloud KBCY on 99.7

For More background on me
and to see more Interviews I have done regarding helping others
One in which I am presented a "Great American Award
By Mike Jerrick
The Present host of CBS Morning Show
Go To this link HERE


Now To Return to our main website and Get More Info & Buy the Instructions With Our Special Discounts
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I can help others by placing the Above Banner On My page
It is the Amber Alert
The Online Missing and Abducted Child Notifying System
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Send Any Soldiers great gifts by stopping @

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It also offers Honor System Military and Veterans Discounts
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How can I find I am searching for cheapest prices for gas at gas staions in my city>

How can I save on grocerys and groceries too

. .

. . . .
. . . . .
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. .

This works as shown above by some of those who have it already -
anyone who has not seen it can NOT possibly make a judgement as to its viability

Bottom Line It WORKS and it is guaranteed

All you who cry "scaam" are just plain & simple dead wrong.
I would like the chance to make a believer out of you,
but you are just too damaged to see ~ some things while seemingly too good to be true
can ACTUALLY BE TRUE ~ This one of those things That are True
What a shame for you -- You are a loser
Read the background I offer - but you will find something wrong with that too I am sure
It's just your untrusting nature --- I cry and pray for you